NOL Campbell River School District 72 Trustees

Campbell River School Board Trustees

Excerpts from the Notice of Liability for Elected Persons

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2. The treatments being marketed as COVID-19 “vaccines”, are still in Phase III clinical trials until 202313, and hence qualify as a medical experiment. People taking these treatments are enrolled as test-subjects and many are unaware that the injections are not actual vaccines as they do not contain a virus but instead an experimental gene therapy.

3. Most vaccines are trialed for at least 5-10 years14. COVID-19 injections have only been in trials for just over a year so there is no long-term safety data available and therefore fully informed consent is not possibl

6. Minors are at nearly zero percent risk of contracting or transmitting this respiratory illness and are, instead, buffers which help others build their immune system.

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As for children, they have been exposed to unprecedented amounts of fear, instability, shaming, psychological trauma, bullying, and segregation through the COVID-19 measures and are therefore, even more susceptible to being influenced by those in authority than their developmental stage would usually entail. Schools include vaccine and COVID-19 “vaccine” curriculum, which is politically and medically biased, prejudicial, and is a form of undue influence on any minor child.

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All Canadian law, contrary to misinformation spread by the WHO, does not allow for “implied consent.” The Mature Minor doctrine cannot override the wishes and consent of the parents outside of the emergency threat of imminent harm or death. Vaccinations do not fall under the Mature Minor doctrine.

In conclusion, administration of vaccinations is defined as a “medical procedure”. Therefore, you have no authority or jurisdiction to prescribe medical treatments and you must cease and desist or be held personally, civilly, and criminally liable for any injuries or deaths that may occur as a result of recommending, encouraging, advertising, mandating, facilitating, incentivising, coercing, or administering ANY vaccine including the experimental COVID-19 injections to members of the public, including myself, and/or including minors.

All school board trustees are served

On November 4, 2021 at a 10am meeting of the School Board trustees, indvidually named sets of all 6 Notice of Liability pages were served by Matt Storie to the Trustees:


Daryl Hagan


John Kerr

Board Chairperson

Joyce McMann


Kat Eddy

Vice Chairperson

Richard Franklin


Shannon Briggs


Susan Wilson