2021 Jun 25 – Re-evaluating Mask Mandates -by Masha Krylova

2021 Jun 25 – Re-evaluating Mask Mandates, Part II, Exposing the Assumption-Led-Claim -by Masha Krylova

Money quote:

Indeed, the German review makes it very clear that mask wearing has long been recognized as a destructive practise for athletes – and as much or more so for children. Respiratory problems are especially severe in children due to the high oxygen demand associated with their early developmental stages. In one of the studies cited by the German team, masks in children were shown to trigger headaches in 50 percent of cases, difficulty concentrating in 50 percent, joylessness in 49 percent, learning difficulties in 38 percent, fatigue in 37 percent, anxiety in 25 percent and even nightmares in 25 percent.

The C2C Journal article can be seen here.