FONI – Fear of Natural Immunity -by Bob Bray

FONI – Fear of Natural Immunity

An acronym created by Bob Bray in October 2021.

Some Definitions of Immunity

Active immunity results when exposure to a disease organism triggers the immune system to produce antibodies to that disease.

Exposure to the disease organism can occur through infection with the actual disease (resulting in natural immunity), or introduction of a killed or weakened form of the disease organism through vaccination (vaccine-induced immunity).

Either way, if an immune person comes into contact with that disease organism in the future, his or her immune system will recognize it and immediately produce the antibodies needed to fight it.

Some science

More than 15 studies have demonstrated the power of immunity acquired by previously having the covid disease.

A 700,000-person study from Israel two weeks ago found that those who had experienced prior infections were 27 times less likely to get a second symptomatic covid disease than those who were vaccinated.

This affirmed a June Cleveland Clinic study of health-care workers (who are often exposed to the virus), in which none who had previously tested positive for the corona virus came down with the covid disease.

The study authors concluded that “individuals who have had SARS-CoV-2 infection are unlikely to benefit from covid-19 vaccination.”

And in May, a Washington University study found that even a mild covid infection resulted in long-lasting immunity.

Above Article

Link: Natural immunity to covid is powerful. Policymakers seem afraid to say so.

Published on September 15 in the Washington Post, written by Marty Makary

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