This website is for people who are concerned about the way our public health authorities are invading the doctor-patient relationship by requiring public disclosure of private medical information.

The public disclosure is through the “vaccination passports” now used in British Columbia and Canada with United Nations approval.

The jabba jabba passport when presented along with a driver’s licence provides the name, the where and the when of each jabba, the birth date, the driver license number and the residential address. See scan below.

Government services at all levels and private services in many sectors now have bosses who want their employees to have such a passport in order to be kept on the payroll.

Professional licencing bodies in British Columbia are getting ready to demand a jabba jabba passport to maintain one’s licence to practice their profession.

Much can be said about this state of affairs, and a few things can be done to reverse course – this website is an attempt to document such things.


Scan of passport – image shows up on scanning equitment:

Note that when the “eye” icon above is clicked, the date of birth appears on the screen of the scanning equipment.

The residential address info comes from the driver license that is presented for permission to enter.