COI College of Physicians and Surgeons

Conflict of Interest Charges against executives of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC

2021 Nov 11 – Charges laid at the RCMP office in North Vancouver

A 22-minute video of Dr Daniel Nagase and Dr Mel Bruchet at the North Vancouver RCMP detachement is here. The individual conflict of interest charges are discussed in detail starting at the 19:00 minute mark of the video.

NameRoleDate ChargedCharged by
Heidi OetterCollege of Physicians and Surgeons, Registrar and CEONovember 11Daniel Nagase
Michael EppCollege of Physicians and Surgeons, Chief Operating OfficerNovember 11Daniel Nagase
Corinne de BruinCollege of Physicians and Surgeons, Executive DirectorNovember 11Daniel Nagase
Michael MurrayCollege of Physicians and Surgeons, Deputy RegistrarNovember 11Daniel Nagase
Derek PuddesterCollege of Physicians and Surgeons, Deputy RegistrarNovember 11Daniel Nagase
David UngerCollege of Physicians and Surgeons, Deputy RegsitrarNovember 11Daniel Nagase
Graeme KeirsteadCollege of Physicians and Surgeons, Deputy Regsitrar, Chief Legal CounselNovember 11Daniel Nagase